We are calling on the Parish council to:

1. Not waste Council and tax payers money

  • There is no need to demolish the building in Roestock Park. 
  • No feasibility study has been undertaken as to the need for a ‘new community building’.
  • No business case has been prepared.
  • No one has been consulted within the community.
  • Such a project would be at significant cost to the Council and local residents.

2. Allow the Scouts back into the HQ they paid for and built

  • The building is not ‘condemned’ despite what the Council keep telling the public. 
  • The councils own professional building survey in July 2020 concluded that with the exception of a small number of items, the majority of the recommendations herein comprise maintenance works of a non-urgent nature and could be deferred to subsequent years, subject to current and future budgetary constraints and any special requirements“.
  • An independent surveyor commissioned by the Scouts also made the same conclusions.
  • The Scouts require unrestricted access to the building in order to run Scouting for all.

3. Allow the Scouts to commission professional companies to make the necessary repairs and improvements to the building (at no cost to the Parish Council).

  • The Parish Council cite that as landlords they are unable to allow the Scouts to undertake the necessary repairs.
  • In October 2020 the Scouts provided a full schedule of works they would commit to (and pay for) in order to address the relevant issues outlined in the building survey.
  • The Schedule of works was based on the professional survey undertaken by the Parish Council.
  • The Scouts have already raised over £30k and are happy to make the necessary repairs at no cost to the Parish Council.
  • To date the Council have refused any offer by the Scouts to make the necessary repairs.

4. Grant a lease to the Scouts so they can continue providing opportunities for even more young people (and adults) across the Parish and beyond.

  • In February 2021 the Council issued the Scouts with a draft Heads of Terms (HoDs) for a 20 year lease.
  • The Parish Council strongly advised the Scouts to take legal advice on the HoDs which they did in good faith – at a cost of £900 to the Scout Group!
  • The Scouts then provided a full response as requested by the Parish Council.
  • In June 2021, the Parish Council changed the goalposts (once again) and said the Heads of Terms they had issued were no longer valid and they were looking at demolishing the building in order to build a different type of community building.
  • The Scouts are calling on the Council to re-open negotiations on the draft heads of terms.
  • The Scout Group has doubled in size over the last year and has a waiting list of young people wanting to join. They need to get back into the HQ in order to meet the growing demand.

5. Act responsibly and within the best interests of the people they serve.

  • Over the last five plus years the Council have been obstructive, constantly moved the goal posts and seem not to be interested in the views of the Scout Group, its members, supporters or the wider public that they serve.
  • We are calling on the public to make their views known as to date the Parish Council have not listened to the views of the public they serve. Have your say here.

Five simple and straightforward requests